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About Sarah

Behind The Lens.

I am  committed to offering inspirational, quality greeting cards, with all the proceeds going to charity.  In the past 10 years my cards have generated donations for a variety of charities including: the RNLI, Parkinson's UK,  local charities in south west London including Wimbledon Guild and Linden Lodge Charitable Trust.

I grew up fascinated by the natural world and from an early age always had a camera in my hand. But what started out as a hobby has become a passion. Needless to say, I'm more than delighted to discover that others take pleasure from my photographs too and choose to send my cards to their nearest and dearest; indeed, one customer wrote to say "your cards gladden one's heart." 

Each season brings fresh inspiration and my card collections are constantly updated and renewed, so please come back regularly to see what gems have arrived.

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